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Sunday, July 28, 2013

ICARUS Banners get a mention in the New York Times!

Back in May I did a post about a project I was working on for the Liars & Believers Theater production of  "Icarus". The show had a successful Boston premiere and was then invited to premiere the show at the New York Musical Theater Festival. Well they took the show to New York, where it ha been a success and was also reviewed favorably in the New York Times Arts section for Thursday July 25. The writer and director of the show Jason Slavick, e-mailed the article to the cast and crew last week . The link to the online article is here:
The banners that I designed and painted were mentioned in the article:
"The world-weary Minnie (Aimee Rose Ranger) runs the show, separating customers from their nickels to peek at Turbo Frog Boy or to step into the Monster’s Maze (George Courage did the flavorful midway posters)...".
This is the first time I've ever been in the New York Times or had my work described as flavorful! I thoroughly enjoyed the show as well as the experience of producing these posters. Congratulations to Jason, and the entire Liars&Believers cast and crew!

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