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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Animals and Adjectives Challenge: Final Week

If you have been following my posts for the last month or so, you know my wife Amy came up with a fun challenge  to keep me drawing each day. She wrote a list of about 30 adjectives on a piece of paper, and a list of animals on another; she put all the adjective slips in one cup, and all the animal slips in another. I pick an adjective slip and an animal slip at random from the cups each day and then draw whatever came up.
After a break for vacation, here are my sketches for the last weeks, (4-5) of the challenge.

The first one was "Sad Tiger". 

 Perturbed Porcupine which with a lack of reference  ended up looking more like a wolverine.

Mournful Kangaroo.

Pleasant Wolf.

Brave Owl.

Neutral Eagle.

Joyous Cow.

Overwhelmed Otter.

Dominant Chipmunk

Confused Horse.

 Serious Octopus.

That's it for now.