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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Work: Adventure Squad

Some sketches for a story idea I am kicking around.  Another in a series of "images for stories that haven't been written yet". Would probably be a Y/A fantasy story tentatively titled "Adventure Squad Ltd.. A mixed group of outcasts and misfits from different cultures meet, and although initially suspicious of and antagonistic towards each other, band together and become a kind of family. 
Aiden, an inexperienced human farm boy on a quest to find his father, Bren, a jovial but very-dangerous were-bear seeking to undo his curse and return to his family, Erisandra, a shrewd halfling girl seeking treasure to save her village, and Denarial, an elf princess seeking revenge against the creature who killed her father. Taking some well known elements and retooling them into something that is hopefully interesting, not for the fantasy trappings, but for the relationships between the characters.

Some studies of the main characters.

Sketches of their equipment.

Denarial the elf, tells her story.


Fighting together.