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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

ArtSpeak: Restore Materials

Above are promo materials (poster, flyer and postcard) I designed for  ArtSpeak: Restore, an Artshow and Concert to Fight Human Trafficking being held Friday, March 22 to Sunday, March 24, 2013 at the Old Town Hall, 32 Derby Street, Salem, MA. There will also be an opening silent auction and concert: March 22, 7-9pm
The show is being held to benefit iSanctuary, and is hosted by Highrock North Shore,
We are surrounded by beauty. That beauty, however, is often neglected and abused, hiding it from our senses, our hearts, and our minds.  Artspeak: Restore is an art show that celebrates the unearthing of forgotten and neglected beauty.  All proceeds from art sold will benefit iSanctuary, a non-profit organization that helps restore the lives of girls and women who have been victimized by human trafficking.

For more information or to get involved, email

Friday, February 8, 2013

Really Great Print Ad

I don't usually post other people's work on my blog, but this print ad was so extraordinary, I felt compelled to. I saw the ad, for Legal Seafoods, in the February Issue of the Improper Bostonian.
It caught my eye immediately. This is one of those rare pieces of work that you look at and say " I wish I had done that", the kind of work I aspire to as a designer. It's not just the brilliant, simple photography and the almost complete lack of copy. It's the fact that the concept and execution of the ad so perfectly convey what Legal Seafoods is all about (fresh seafood) that no copy is even necessary. You know Legal Seafood's tagline is, "If it isn't fresh, it isn't Legal." How much more succinctly and simply could you convey that, than with this ad. And how rarely does something like this happen?
The ad was created by DeVito/Verdi, an award winning, medium-sized, full service advertising agency based in New York founded in 1991 by partners Sal DeVito and Ellis Verdi. Their Agency Philosophy, according to Wikipedia "is based on a view that their job is to capture a truth either about the product or the consumer that will resonate, and hits consumer nerves with image that resonate as valuable, truthful and unforgettable." They have certainly done that with this ad.