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Monday, November 28, 2011

"Chambers of the Cursed" Art

If you read my blog, you know that during the month of October, I was performing in a show called "Chambers of the Cursed" for History Alive! at the Old Town Hall in Salem.
After the end of the run, I decided to do a painting of myself and my fellow cast members as the characters we played in the show. I did the original painting in watercolor and had a limited number of prints made at White Light Digital in North Beverly, MA. Although we each played multiple roles in theproduction, I chose the parts which were most iconic and recognizable.
From left to right are: Armerys Suarez as the banished Quaker Mary Dyer. Myself as Minister George Burroughs of Wells, Maine, former pastor of the First Church in Salem Village and one of the victims of the 1692 Witch trials, Jasmine Myers as Bridget Bishop, the first woman put on trial during the Salem witch trials, and John Chapdelaine, as Roger Williams, banished friend of Mary Dyer and Anne Hutchinson, and founder of Providence, Rhode Island.


  1. Nice work, George. Also, the guy with the lantern looks like you.

  2. It is me! I played George Burroughs in the show.
    I'm glad it looks like me, although another friend said it looks like me "only better-looking".