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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sketches from "Cocktail Culture"

My wife Amy and I recently went to the RISD art museum in Providnece Rhode Island. While there we took a tour of their exhibit "Cocktail Culture" which is an exhibit of fashions and accessories associated with the growth of drinking as a social custom. Before prohibition men went out to bars or private clubs to drink. These establishments had an exclusively male clientele and drinking alcohol with a woman in any kind of respectable social setting was unheard of.
After prohibition, drinking and entertaining at home, and in mixed company became a neccessity and over the years, increasingly popular. The fashions reflected this fundamental change in American culture as men and women became more comfortable and indeed celebrated the cocktail.

Since I was unable to take photographs of the exhibition, I did a few quick sketches and made notations while we were in the gallery, and then colored them with watercolor later.
It was a great exhibit and I would recommend making a visit.
The link is here:
The exhibit is open until July 31st.

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