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Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Strange Sense of Humor

As part of the "having fun with drawing" I came up with these sketches. The Cute/Evil idea was the result of noticing the juxtaposition of a German-made Steiff teddy bear, and a model of a WWII German Panzer Tank on my bookcase shelf. They just seemed to go together.
The "Nose of Sauron" came about thinking of replacing the "Eye" in The Lord of the Rings with another body part. You just never know where your mind is going to go.


  1. Especially your mind, George. These are good; I know it's a struggle to let go and not be so serious; I have the same battle. Good work!

  2. I immediately fell in love with the "last request" bears drawing :-D Well drawn!

    I shall steal it for my blog and backlink over to your blog. Cheers.