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Monday, March 15, 2010

The apple didn't fall far from that tree...

People often ask me where I got the art talent from. I would have to say I inherited it from my father. My father drew a lot when he was younger. He drew lots of things, portraits, landscapes, cartoons. But he always seemed to be most fascinated by machinery, aircraft, cars, ships. He aspired to become an architect. He worked for Stone & Webster Engineering in Boston as a file clerk making, filing and sorting blueprints and operating their photostat machine before he enlisted as a marine in 1942. He married my mother in 1944, and they started a family. His plans to become an architect were shelved, and after the war he got a job as an equipment installer for New England Bell (the phone company) and worked for them for 45 years. He never really drew after that. One of my prize possessions is a drawing that my father did back in 1937, when he was 17 or 18 years old. It is his design for his 1937 dream-car. It is interesting to note that although the the car has many of the same features , it looks more like something from the 50's than from 1937, when cars still mostly looked like this.

It makes me wonder what sort of career he might have had if WWII and family hadn't intervened.


  1. What a prized possession that drawing is George. Looks very cool as well. Your dad was ahead of his time. My dad was an engineer, and drew all the time.


  2. looks like the lovechild of a karmann ghia and a grumman hellcat (thats a good thing)